Job Hunting Zen Thought of the Week - August 7, 2015

Here is your Job Hunting Zen Thought of the Week!

There is an old story, or perhaps legend, I've heard many times about a young Ivy League graduate interviewing for a job with a company. The young grad's father knew the CEO at the company, and got him the interview, and he did exceptionally well at the interview, walking out the door with an offer in his hand.

Anyway, the story continues, as he drives off from the interview, he gets cut off in traffic by some lady in a Ford Escort. Our young grad goes off the deep end and rolls down his window, gives the woman the finger (you know which finger), screams at her, and drives off.

It turns out, the woman driving the other car is the CEO's secretary. She recognizes the young graduate, and tells the CEO about her experience. The CEO revokes the young grad's job offer due to his outrageous behavior.

True or not, the story illustrates a very important point: be nice to others both inside and outside the office. Not only is it easier than being mean, but your behavior beyond the four walls of your workplace can have consequences far outside the office.

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