Insider Career Strategies Outplacement Solutions

Minimizing the pain of separation for you and your employees.

You invest a great deal of time, effort, and expense into managing and developing your workforce. But sometimes firing or laying off an employee is unavoidable – due to a change in business strategy, an industry downturn, poor employee performance, or bad cultural fit. Let Insider Career Strategies Outplacement Solutions help minimize the pain of separation for you and your employees.

Offering an outplacement package to an employee can be more affordable than you think. We work with small and medium-sized firms to deliver personalized, cost-effective outplacement services.

Our goal is help your fired or laid-off employee get back to work as soon as possible. We enable you to provide a comprehensive package of tools that can help reduce corporate risk and, more importantly, demonstrate empathy and support to your workforce during difficult times.

The Insider Career Strategies Outplacement Solutions team is comprised of experts in resume writing and career coaching, respected individuals in the field who are highly experienced at assisting people in a variety of professional disciplines with their job search and career development needs.

Through Insider Career Strategies’ hands-on, consultative approach, we provide your impacted employees with the essential job search toolbox:


Resume & Cover Letter

An accomplishments-driven resume that is current, modern, and friendly to both humans and applicant tracking systems, as well as a cover letter that is individual, customizable and flexible.

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LinkedIn Profile

A keyword-driven public LinkedIn profile that is written to improve visibility to recruiters who are using LinkedIn as a talent acquisition tool, and to help with the networking that is crucial to any job search.


Job Search & Career Coaching – One-on-One or Group

One-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops on the strategy and tactics of the job search, online applications, LinkedIn, referrals, interviews, salary negotiation, and other topics.

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 firm to use outplacement services. Let us help you give your employees the soft landing they deserve and get back to work quickly, while protecting your employment brand.

Contact us today for a free consultation via email or by phone at 786-618-3067.