Holiday Job Hunting Blues? 5 Fantastic Reasons To Apply For Positions In December (  lentus25 ) ( lentus25 )


Looking for a job in December, and not getting much traction?

It's true, hiring activity does slow down late in the year as hiring managers and recruiters take their Christmas vacation, and corporate Finance teams clamp down on spending to goose the end-of-the-year numbers.

But don't lose hope. The end of the year can still be a great time to look for jobs. Here's why:

  1. There are fewer applicants during the holidays. Job hunters are often just as distracted as potential employers, pulled into holiday shopping, vacation, and office parties – which means less competition and a better chance of having your resume reviewed.
  2. Some positions really do need to be filled, regardless of the season. Urgently. While some hiring managers are off skiing in the Poconos or at home making holiday fruit cakes, some recruiters are still clocking in. And they're actively working on filling jobs for managers who are also in the office, screaming loudly about their need to fill the position. You won't know which posted positions are critical – so act as if they all are, and apply away. Be the gift that mysteriously appears under the hiring manager's tree (metaphorically speaking, of course).
  3. The office environment is more relaxed during the holidays. Unless you work in retail, the pace of activity slows substantially during December. People are in a good mood. Let this work in your favor – should you be called for an interview, you may find yourself ina  more pleasant, in-depth meeting with the hiring manager than during crunch time. It's a great opportunity to build a bond when you're not rushed and don't find yourself competing for attention with your interviewer's email and a buzzing phone.
  4. Your current employer will be less suspicious of time taken off for interviews. Between school Christmas pageants, holiday parties, and picking up visiting relatives at the airport, employers anticipate a lot of PTO will be used in December. You won't be missed.
  5. Hiring picks up again in January. Big time. Be ready. Everyone's back in the office, and working at full speed. Managers will buzz the recruiter, demanding resumes for their open positions. If you applied in December, you're ready to be found. If you wait until January 2, it may be too late.

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