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There's no superhero cooler than Batman. I'm sorry, but this isn't up for debate; Batman's the best. He's an average guy (with, admittedly, a very fat wallet) who is able to overcome insurmountable odds and defeat those who wish to inflict evil upon society. And his costume and gizmos are pretty darn cool, too.

Great bosses can also do amazing things – for members of their team.

Here's 5 ways great bosses are like Batman:

  1. They want to do what's right. Sure, the moral compass can get a bit disoriented from time to time in the chaos of the workplace. But like Batman, great bosses provide clarity and guidance on doing the right thing, and making sound decisions.
  2. They work in the shadows to protect you. Batman usually fights evildoers in the dark, out of the public eye. Good bosses do the same - supporting your success by advocating on your behalf during informal conversations, and by defending your reputation to those who would do it harm.
  3. They care. Batman is deeply invested the welfare of the citizens of Gotham. Great bosses feel the same about their employees, going to any reasonable length to support them in both good times and bad.
  4. They investigate. Batman's the Detective, looking for clues. Great bosses do the same – if they see that you're struggling, if they receive negative feedback about your performance, if they observe anything out of the ordinary – they examine the situation from all angles, and try to identify both the problem and the solution.
  5. They inspire. Batman sets the example that anyone can stand up to adversity. Great bosses accept challenges, and overcome them. Then they work with their team to encourage similar risk-taking and fearlessness.

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