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The ways in which technology have transformed the modern job market is a double-edged sword. Online job boards are a perfect example. Employers now have unprecedented access to a worldwide database of job applicants, and, in turn, job seekers have an expansive landscape in which to operate, from global job listings to professional social networks.

The tradeoff is a seemingly impenetrable and impersonal wall that exists between those hiring and those looking for a job. But if you know how to use them, the job boards can be an integral tool in your job-hunting toolbox. Here’s a quick run-down of the five most prevalent online job boards:

Monster and CareerBuilder

Pro: Historically, these are two of the largest job boards for entry/mid-level job openings and many employers “mine” resumes from its database.

Con: They’re not as dominant as they once were, so employers have reallocated their recruitment spending in other job other places.


Pro: Traditionally known aa site featuring company information and job reviews from former employees and candidates, Glassdoor also features a resume and job portal. Many companies have migrated to the site to manage both their job postings and online reputation.

Con: Employers may still view Glass Door as a company/job-rating site, so the reach is still not as great as some other online job boards.



Pro: is flush with job postings, probably the most of any online job board. It also has pretty advanced integration with employer Automatic Tracking Systems (employer resume and job posting systems); this makes it very easy for employers to post jobs on Indeed with the click of a button, and pretty inclined to do so.

Con: With more jobs, there’s usually more candidates applying. That means more competition to get noticed.


Pro: Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the most influential professional networking social media platform and portal for higher-level job openings, and is mined by employers for talent.

Con: Like any social media platform, LinkedIn’s main currency is its user profiles, which include work history, so it’s important to have both a great resume and user profile if applying for open positions on the site.


Tips & Tricks for Succeeding on the Job Boards

1.     There are many smaller, more specialized online job sites out there. Seek out boards that focus on particular business or technical disciplines, as employers may be using them as well.

2.     The wider you cast your net, the greater the chance you will catch your dream job. Therefore, it makes sense to comb a variety of job boards in order to reach the broadest potential employer base.

3.     If you are not employed and are actively searching, make sure that you are also posting your resume on every available job board.

4.     If you are gainfully employed, and do not want your current employer to know you are searching, be wary of uploading your resume to a job site, as your company’s HR department may stumble across it if it’s designated as searchable.

5.     Many job boards to which you upload your resume have a “private” designation, where it’s there for you to apply to jobs but not readily searchable in the database. If you want your resume to be seen by recruiters when you upload it to an online job site, be sure to enable make it searchable.

6.     While it can be beneficial to upload a resume to the online job boards because recruiters can mine it, please bear in mind there’s no substitute for being proactive in your search. And as you apply to specific roles, tailor your cover letter and resume unique to the individual positions for which you are submitting your candidacy.

Philip Roufail contributed to this article.

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