Your College Can Boost Your Career – Long After Graduation (peshkov) (peshkov)


It's been ages since you graduated college, and you're pretty far along in your career. Hopefully you've gained helpful skills and knowledge from your education.

It may be time for another call or visit to campus! Did you know your alumnus status often provides additional helpful career benefits long after the university has stopped cashing your tuition checks? Here are some inexpensive or free perks and services your alma mater may be offering that can give your career a boost – even later in life.

Career Placement & Support: Most colleges allow their alumni to utilize the campus career services office. In addition to providing access to job postings and career fairs, Advisors may provide individual career coaching and facilitate connections to potential employers with whom they've built relationships. Remember, your college wants you gainfully employed – it's good for the school's reputation, well-placed alumni can provide students with internship and carer opportunities, and a happy alumnus with a healthy income can become a willing donor.

Discounted Courses: You may be able to take classes on the latest topics for far less than a matriculating student pays. For example, Boston University offers alumni the opportunity to audit classes (in other words, on a not-for-credit basis) through its professionally-oriented Metropolitan College for less than 10 percent of normal tuition. It's certainly a cost-effective way to bring your skills and knowledge up to date.

Professional Networking: Schools cultivate alumni affinity through networking events. Larger universities often host mixers, seminars, and fundraisers on- and off-campus. These events are a fantastic way to access and get to know prominent alumni. A well-timed introduction can facilitate a career-changing conversation.

School Reputation: Here's a benefit you can take advantage of without having to lift a finger. Colleges invest a great deal into improving their reputation, since a strong ranking enhances the school's profile, boosts enrollment, and improves the market perception of degrees conferred to students and alumni alike. If your alma mater has risen in the annual rankings, your earning potential may have also grown with it.

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