3 High-Impact Resume Strategies For Aspiring Managers

iStockphoto.com ( Jirsak)

iStockphoto.com (Jirsak)


If you're an individual contributor looking to make the leap to a manager-level position but have never held such a role role, you need to sell yourself as a proven leader. This can be challenging since organizations typically look to hire managers with direct managerial experience.

Here are 3 high-impact strategies aspiring managers can use to elevate the impact of their resume!

  1. Demonstrate continued professional success. Strong leaders don't just do their job, they elevate the performance of the entire organization. Your resume should present a strong list of measurable achievements. Well-structured bullet points detailing your professional wins show both the initiative and value you've brought to your company, and will help a potential employer visualize the positive impact you'll make should they hire you.
  2. Clearly illustrate your leadership history. Perhaps you've led projects or initiatives which have required the coordination of various other team members. Or maybe you've coached and mentored peers, summer interns, or temporary employees. Details about your ability to successfully align diverse stakeholders will speak directly to your managerial skills.
  3. Detail your strategic orientation. Managers undertake a variety of important critical functions, including budgeting, resource allocation, short-term and long-term planning, interviewing, and other leadership duties. If you've collaborated on any of these initiatives, note them prominently in order to demonstrate your ability to think strategically and with a broader perspective.

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