6 Fantastic – And Credible – Reasons To Tell Employers You're Looking For a New Job

iStockphoto.com | (  AndreyPopov  )

iStockphoto.com | ( AndreyPopov )


Potential employers will ask you why you're looking for a job. They want to know why you're taking the time to meet with them to ensure that your goals align with their goals.

Telling an employer you're interviewing because your job stinks, or because your boss is a jerk, is a poor strategy. Not only are answers such as these crass, they will make a potential employer believe you're disgruntled and they won't want to introduce toxicity into their environment.

The key to answering this question is finding a solutions-oriented answer. Here are some reasons to tell that prospective employer you're playing the job market. Answers which generally focus on personal growth tend to resonate with hiring managers, and a bit of soul searching should guide your response. Here are some suggestions:

  1. I've heard great things about your company from my friend who works here, and I'd love to be part of that.
  2. My current organization is small, and I've reached a ceiling. I'm ready for a new challenge.
  3. While I love my job, the commute is too far and I need something a little bit closer to home.
  4. I've graduated with my Master's degree in a different discipline, and I'm looking for something in that new direction.
  5. My current role is a temporary assignment, so I'm seeking something more permanent.
  6. My dream has been to work on driving the success of products such as your company's. When I saw this position open up, I knew I had to apply.

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