6 Really Easy Ways To Improve Your Job Interview Performance

iStockphoto.com (mrdoomits)

iStockphoto.com (mrdoomits)


Interviews can be daunting. The good news is that in addition to diligently preparing your interview skills, there are simple strategies you can follow to boost your chances of getting the job.

Here are 6 really easy ways to improve your job interview performance! Remember – sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

  1. Get there early. Showing up late makes a poor impression. It's far better to kill time outside the office beforehand than it is rushing to get to the interview on time. No need to compound the stress of the interview itself.
  2. Eat before the interview. Many people get cranky on an empty stomach, present company included. Feel full and satisfied by having a snack prior to the interview. Just remember to avoid eating anything with a strong odor which will follow you, such as onions or fish.
  3. Turn your cell phone off. You'll create an embarrassing situation when your phone rings, beeps, or buzzes during your interview. Be in the moment, and eliminate potential distractions. Your messages will still be there after you're done meeting with the hiring manager.
  4. Bring several extra copies of your resume. Not only will you have a document in front of you which will jog your memory about highlights from your work history and accomplishments, you'll also have nice, attractive copies available to interviewers who didn't have time to print up their own beforehand.
  5. Amp up the energy level. This isn't the time to be reserved – show that you're happy to be there! Smile. Be animated. Sit forward in your chair. Low energy can be perceived as a lack of interest
  6. Ask great questions. Hiring managers love being asked great, well-thought-out questions – these show that you're interested and engaged, and did some interview preparation. Conversely, if you don't ask questions during or at the end of an interview, you'll send the message you either don't care or weren't paying attention. And your questions don't need to be brilliant - try, "What does success in this role look like?" or "What are the biggest challenges the company faces in the next year?" And use your research on the company to lob a couple targeted questions about their business.

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