Job Interview Horror Stores - July 21, 2015

Sometimes, interviews just go off the rails. Please enjoy today's edition of Job Interview Horror Stories!  Thank you to everybody who submitted their story.

Names and details have been omitted to protect the innocent.

  •  "My favorite story is of a [job] candidate who accepted an offer, never showed up, and then a week later asked to be reconsidered. Of course he didn't get the job, and he wrote a b.s Glassdoor review which I was able to remove by showing them what he did." - Recruitment manager, manufacturing company.
  • "I had one [job candidate] come in on Monday morning to interview for a software developer position.  What I noticed on her face and hair was a lot of white “specs”.  I asked her what she did over the weekend.  She responded by telling me she painted her apartment this weekend, but neglected to wash the paint off her face and hair! – (she still got the job)." - Recruitment manager, consulting/finance firm.
  • "I had fired [a job candidate] from one company being presented to me by a recruiter for a position in another company.  The recruiter wasn’t aware that the candidate had ever worked for our firm - it wasn’t on his resume." - Senior executive, insurance industry.

Please feel free to share your interview horror stories for future inclusion in this column!

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