Somebody Sent me a Message Through LinkedIn About a Job! What Should I Do?

InMail Screen Shot
InMail Screen Shot

You're going through your LinkedIn account, and you notice there's an email from a recruiter. The message says that they've reviewed your profile, and you might be a match for a job that they are working on.

It's nice to be wanted, isn't it? But how do you handle this situation? You didn't ask to be contacted, you aren't really looking for a job, and you're not sure the company is someplace you'd like to work.

In short, answer the message. Schedule some time to talk with the recruiter.

Opportunities are just that - opportunities. And by definition, an opportunity may not always be there when you want it.

If you think that getting that job you want is all about putting your résumé up on Monster and waiting for the responses to roll in, think again. Job hunting is all about relationships and networking.

Which means, the job the recruiter is approaching you about may or may not be the right position for you. But you won't know until you speak with them, and they're definitely interested in speaking with you.

In addition, if you both come to the conclusion that this role might not be a fit for you, you may be able to refer somebody to the recruiter who is a better fit, and make the recruiter's life a little easier. They'll remember that in case something more up your alley emerges.

And don't forget - people know people. Recruiters know other recruiters. If you make a good impression with one, but you don't fit their needs, they might be willing to help you with an introduction to another company which may be a better fit.

Lastly, make sure to send a note of thanks to the recruiter after your conversation, regardless of the outcome. It demonstrates professionalism and leaves a positive lasting impression.

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