Six Reasons You Can Give Prospective Employers That You're Looking For a New Job

A potential employer will ask you why you're looking for a job. Telling them you're interviewing because "my job sucks" or "my boss is a jerk" is a poor strategy. Not only is it uncouth, it will make your potential employer question whether you're a disgruntled ogre. Here are some suggested reasons to tell that prospective employer you're playing the job market. Pick one that fits.

  1. I've heard great things about your company.
  2. I'm ready for a new challenge.
  3. My current organization is small, and I've reached a ceiling.
  4. The commute is too far, I need something closer to home.
  5. I've graduated with my Master's degree, I'm looking for something in that new direction.
  6. My current position is a temporary assignment, I'm looking for something more permanent.

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