Three Weekly Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Job Hunting Tips - June 29, 2015

Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy

Here are three simple job hunting tips for you to begin your week!

  1. Do you know where your interview is taking place? Companies have multiple locations. Or, sometimes mapping programs can get the location wrong (i.e., East 97th Street versus West 97th Street). It would suck to be late, and you'd look bad. Unless you're 100% certain where you're going for that interview, do a test drive before your interview. Scope out the location in person to do an "eyeball test." You could unwittingly end up at a muffler repair shop rather than at your interview.
  2. Arrive a few minutes early for your interview. Being fashionably late may work at the clubs on South Beach, but your interviewer has a schedule to keep. Don't get bumped due to carelessness.
  3. Want to apply to a company, but don't see any posted jobs fitting your skill set? Your first option is to go to the company website, and see if they have a "general" application, where they accept unsolicited résumés. Your second option is to search for a corporate recruiter at your target company. Recruiters will often include their email address in their LinkedIn profile, to make themselves accessible - send them a polite cover letter indicating your area of interest and a copy of your résumé.

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